Luminol Records is an independent record label, born from genuine passion for quality music outside the typical canons of commerce. It is based on the concept of “”progressive”” conceived as experimentation of music both on the artistic and social level, therefore not strictly related to a specific musical genre, but to the concept of emancipation and transition of an artistic area to another and from the status of a musical trend towards other cultural perspectives.


The artists managed and promoted by Luminol Records range from prog-rock to post-rock, from avantgarde to progressive metal and from post-pop to IDM; they are all united by a passion for experimentation and for the mixing of various musical genres and art forms as a mean of communication and interpretation of reality.


Despite the releases having a shared attitude and ethos, Luminol’s aim is to grow a roster of different sounding artists, free from the restraints placed on them by majors, and being the common thread between their personalities to explore new spaces.


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