The project was born at the clinics “Berklee College of Music at Umbria Jazz” in Perugia in 2014. The intent is to form an international group and combine different backgrounds and experiences in a project melting genres from jazz to rock while maintaining an European identity.
The group is composed by Konstantin Kräutler (Sketchbook Quartet), Edoardo Maggioni (The Lazy Cat Experience), Marco Leo (Don’t Call Me Plus) and Cesare Pizzetti (Don’t Call Me Plus).
In December 2014 started the recording of the first album of original material,
The live offers a repertoire that ranges from the classics to unpublished fusion.
All components have been working in the world of professional music for years with experience in different areas of music.  

The components:

Konstantin Kräutler (Drums- Austria)
Edoardo Maggioni (Piano and keyboards – Italy)
Marco Leo (Guitar-Italy)
Cesare Pizzetti (Bass-Italy)

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