Notturno Concertante

Notturno Concertante

Notturno Concertante is a band that has six CDs to its credit, a new album entitled “Let them say” to be released soon.

Among the group’s numerous collaborations, the publication of the song “Nocturne” as part of the Double Exposure compilation, edited by Steven Wilson. Former Genesis guitarist Anthony Phillips also attended this compilation. The group also played several radio stories by the writer Giovanna Iorio for Radio 3 Rai.
Furthermore, Notturno Concertante collaborated with Tony Pagliuca (keyboard player of the Orme), with the Bolognese poet Stefano Benni and with the actresses Lina Sastri, Pamela Villoresi, Daniela Poggi and Barbara Alberti.

The historical components of the Notturno Concertante are Lucio Lazzaruolo guitars and keyboards and the guitarist Raffaele Villanova.

The Notturno Concertante wrote and performed the music for several films including “The Last Goal” (directed by Federico Di Cicilia) and for the documentary “With my eyes” by director Giorgio Diritti (2013).

The band also composed the music for the series “The animal clinic” (by Tania Pedroni, Canale 5, 2002), Terra e fede (Rai 2, 2002). The band has recently performed in several concerts with Scottish singer Ray Wilson (ex Genesis).

The latest project – Let Them Say – involves international artists from different musical backgrounds: Molly Joice (violin), Kaitlyn Raitz (cello), Seto Nobuyuki (clarinet) and Nadia Komutova (violin). One of the last live performance took place in Rome on September 21, 2019, on the occasion of which the band played together with Ray Wilson (the last singer of Genesis).

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